Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Started

Stuff. Its all just stuff. And we have too much of it. In our guest room I have a container of extra beauty products for our guest to use while they are here. After 3 guests in two weeks I cleaned the guest room yet again and one uses these. Its just occupying space. I thought about who to give it to... my best friend of 20 years, she would love to get a box of high end products! She has worked herself to the bone over the years trying to make a life for herself and her three daughters. She can hardly afford to get her oldest a drugstore mascara  It was a no brainer. As I pulled it all out of the box to get it ready to ship I felt this amazing sense of calm and clarity  I began looking around and realized we have too much, it needs to go. Our daughters have a 14x16 play room and there is not enough room for all the toys. That is ridiculous. This is the first so ship. It is a book that at one time was so impactful in the repair of our marriage but now had been sitting now on a shelf collecting dust for years. It is going to friends that are in need of some insight into one another at this point in their marriage  Its funny how we begin to hold on to things unnecessarily. It takes time to clean a house that is too big, to care for items you do not use. It has to go. So until the new year we will sell and give away all the things we just do not need. And only purchase what we need.